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Coil Cleaners

Airborne dust and debris causes enormous problems for evaporators, condensers and refrigerant coil levels and equipment. Dirty coils significantly reduce cooling levels and the unit's efficiency. The compressors or condensers become worn out to such a level that can reduce the efficiency of your air conditioning unit, causing more energy to be consumed. This increases the energy bills and causes the compressor to work a lot harder than is required, potentially shortening its life span.

Gur Technologies offer a comprehensive range of coil cleaning products including detergents, acidic and alkaline based and biodegradable products. All of A. Gur's products are safe for use on all coils yet aggressive enough to clean the most stubborn and hard to remove deposits from deep inside the coil beds. Using the right products will help you restore lost capacity and operating efficiencies safely and more quickly than any other products on the market

Gur Technologies is the market leader in the manufacture and supply of coil cleaning, indoor air quality programs and associated products. Its unrivalled knowledge of the technology and its deep understanding of maintenance engineers’ needs has been gained since the company was formed in 1979. A. Gur Technologies has developed over the years a wide range of products that have met all needs perfectly. All of A. Gur's products are backed up by expert technical advice and help from advanced users to identify the ideal product for your needs.

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  • Gab Coil™ Evaporators Coil Cleaner
    A High Foaming Coil Cleaner for Evaporators and Condensers coils. Developed and produced by Gur Technologies LTD. - Gab-Coil™ DOES NOT...
  • Nar-Coil™ Condensers Coil Cleaner
    Safe Scale Remover for Condensers Coils & Filter Cleaning Developed and produced by Gur Technologies LTD. - Nar-Coil™ is...
  • Coil-Ox™ "No-Rinse" Coil Cleaner
    A innovative "no rinse" product created specifically to clean evaporator coils indoors. It is safe to use on metal and will not harm th...
  • Power-Clean™ 2 in 1 Coil Cleaner + Sanitizer
      Developed and produced by Gur Technologies LTD. - Power-Clean™ concentrated 2 In 1 - a Cleaner & Disinfectant Prod...
Results 1 - 4 of 4

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