What are the main causes of poor indoor air quality (IAQ)?

The air quality in our home can affect our health and most of us don’t even think about indoor air quality in our home. While it’s our home after all, we don’t pay much attention to this but in reality however, indoor air quality is a subjective matter and can differ from house to house.

There has to be some form of ventilation in the building. If there is no ventilation in the building, the fresh air cannot come into the home. Here is a small list of some things that can reduce air quality in your house:

  • Small amount of fresh air in the building, or poor ventilation
  • Buildings or furnish-materials that create pollution
  • In-house building processes like renovations and refurbishment
  • Dust and dirt brought from the outside

The importance of regular maintenance of your domestic and car air conditioner

Is your AC unit dirty? Does it have moisture inside? You should check your unit to see the condition it is currently in because HVAC systems create ideal living conditions for development of black mold, bacteria and mildew which can lead to many illnesses, such as respiratory problems, headaches, cold, flu, eye irritation and more. Having a dirty air unit gives a place for bacteria to grow, because it is warm, low in nitrogen and high in cellulose, not to mention moisture, leading air conditioner to spread contaminants negatively impacting indoor air quality.

While AC system is something to worry about, we should also think about the air unit in our cars. If the air conditioner is not properly cleaned, it can also lead to health and respiratory problems. You should regularly use cleaner and deodorizer to clean the air conditioner.

You need to find a solution that is suitable for you to clean with, that should clean the unit completely and leave a fresh smell. If you are cleaning your home, you should use “no rinse” cleaner and deodorizer coil cleaner for quick and safe maintenance of air conditioning. The cleaner you use should be made for domestic job of eliminating and disinfecting from fungus and bacteria.

Maintaining good indoor air quality with seasonal maintenance

For the future, to prevent contamination of the coils, make sure you use a seasonal coil treatment solution. This cleaner is safe to use on metal, won’t harm the coils and will stop the build-up of harmful bacteria to prevent future contamination of the coils.

If you want to have clean air that is free from bacteria, it’s a good idea to look after your HVAC system and have it cleaned on a routine basis.

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