About Us


Gur Thermal Systems Cleaning Technologies LTD. manufactures, markets and distributes an entire line of specialty chemical products for the HVAC/R markets worldwide. Included in these are descalers, water conditioners, coil cleaners, tube cleaners and other specialty applications. These products are marketed to air conditioning, refrigeration and heating wholesalers as well as hotels, hospitals, universities, food manufactures and OEM’s.

Gur Technologies was founded in 1973. Since its earliest days, the company has built a reputation for manufacturing the highest quality cleaners for all central & domestic heat exchanger, refrigeration, and other thermal systems.

Gur Technologies, being involved in cleaning and water treatment services, gained extensive experience in solving problems created by scale, corrosion, dirt and slime in all type of thermal systems. Gur Technologies current product line encompasses a wide range of products:

  • Evaporators coil cleaners
  • Condensers coil cleaners
  • Air conditioner coil cleaners
  • Non acid cleaner, foaming coil cleaner
  • No rinse coil cleaners
  • Indoor air quality programs and sick building syndrome treatment
  • Air conditioner mold and mildew remover
  • Heat exchanger tube cleaners
  • Scale and corrosion removal for water condense tubes
  • Scale and corrosion removal from coil of air condenser
  • Products for water scale prevention
  • Cooling tower cleaning and treatment
  • Water conditioners for scale and algae prevention in cooling towers
  • Evaporator coil cleaner, mold removal products
  • Tube cleaners, coil cleaners, cleaners condenser tube cleaners
  • Ice machine cleaners
  • Water conditioners, chiller tube cleaners
  • Mold removal, disinfectors, car Air Purifier
  • Pipe freezing equipments
  • Pipe freezing kit
  • Pipe freezing aplication

And many other maintenance related chemicals. Many of these products were developed as a result of customer requests. Our motto has always been working together with our clients, getting the best result! Please use the links on the left frame to browse through all the useful information on cleaning HVAC systems and products that we offer.

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