Cooling Tower Treatment Prolongs Equipment Lifespan

Manufacturing locations often use water to keep equipment or heated components cooled during production. This flow of water requires a clean line and cooling tower in order to be effective. Without a constant flow of this cooling liquid, equipment and other components could surpass operational temperatures causing damage to those units. Without preventative water treatment products and procedures, you could spend more money in replacement parts and repairs.

Buildup of Minerals within the System

Hard water can be as problematic for water cooling towers as it is for homeowners. Calcium, lime and other minerals will begin to build up within the system. This can cause irregular water flow reducing the tower’s ability to cool. Using hard water scale removal systems may help keep the tower from experiencing such degrees of complications. Over time, the hard water scaling within these lines could reduce the tower’s efficiency exponentially as lines begin to clog. This, in turn, directly affects the cooling capacity for manufacturing equipment. A scale inhibitor like Nar-Shield will reduce the risk of this buildup and allow the unit to function as intended.

Corrosion from Other Materials

Unless the system uses distilled water, the makeup line into the tower will bring various elements from the reservoir. These elements can begin to breakdown the entire system over time causing varying degrees of corrosion. Once materials begin to degrade, repairs will become mandatory in order to remain efficient. The use of a cooling tower corrosion inhibitor can prolong the lifespan of materials within the unit reducing the repairs and replacements the system will need.

Organic Compounds within the System

Bacterial growth is quite common in a variety of water-using platforms including water cooling towers. Microbes are brought in from the makeup line and begin to grow inside the system. According to the Centers for Disease Control, Legionella is a common development within these towers. This disease creates a lung infection resembling an unusual form of pneumonia. It is a silent disease that could be flowing through your cooling system at this very moment. By using cooling tower chemical treatment products like Nar-Cide, you can greatly reduce employee infections of Legionnaires’ disease from those working with the system.

Keeping your equipment at a stable temperature may be imperative to your productivity. Keeping that cooling system fully operational and safe can be equally as important. Don’t assume that your tower is safe from these various complications. Preventative measures can reduce costs in the future from failed equipment to employees becoming sick.

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