A Clean Evaporating Coil in HVAC System Saves Money!

Your HVAC (heating, ventilating and cooling) system is an essential tool in order to make your home livable. Winter, summer and in between, providing a comfortable temperature and good air flow will help keep you and your loved ones or employees healthy and happy. In the warmer months, you will most likely give the air conditioning part of the system a good workout, especially during a heat wave. Enjoy the cool air flow, but bear in mind that it is crucial to properly maintain your system. Regular cleaning and disinfection, besides prolonging the life of your device and making for a more sanitary environment, will actually save you money.

Importance of the evaporating coil

One of the essential components of an air conditioning system is the evaporating coil, otherwise known as the “evaporator.” Basically what this component does is to convert a refrigerant substance from a liquid state to a gas by means of evaporation. During the process of evaporation, the refrigerant absorbs heat from the interior air of the room and then returns to the A/C’s compressor, where it releases the heat into the outside atmosphere. This leaves you with exactly what you are longing for … nice, refreshing cool air inside your home or business. Unfortunately while the evaporating coil is hard at work cooling your building, it is susceptible to dust, dirt and mineral deposits that can slow it down or even damage the coil or the air conditioner’s compressor.

How dirt affects the evaporating coil

Most people are already aware that the HVAC filters must be regularly washed or even replaced as necessary, particularly in an environment that has furry pets or other sources of heavy dust. However, it is less well known that the evaporator must also be cleaned. Problems can range from relatively small deposits of dust to residues of minerals such as lime or calcium carbonate, all the way to rust, grease and other organic materials. This means that the evaporating coil must also be cleaned on a routine basis to avoid dirt build up – which can lead to inefficiency and may eventually cause complete break down.

How cleaning the evaporator saves you money

Regular cleaning of your HVAC’s evaporating coil will save you money in a number of ways. Because your system will no longer be overloaded, it will be more efficient and cost less to run. You won’t need to call in an expensive technical specialist to repair problems due to dirt build up. Your unit will last longer and need to be replaced less frequently. Most important of all, you may even save on medical bills, as your family enjoys the benefits of breathing clean, sanitary air.

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